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There was a time when our foods were not processed.

There was a time when our crops were not chemically treated or genetically modified.

There was a time when our soil was healthy and our water was clean.

There was a time when living green was simply living.

Sustainably Grown Gourmet Mushrooms

Simply Manna is a family owned and operated gourmet mushroom farm located in Northern California, outside of Sacramento.  Our driving goal is to grow our mushrooms in an ecologically sound way, not for business or political reasons but because we truly believe in our responsibility as stewards of this beautiful planet.
We apply this philosophy to our farm, our products, and our lives.  All of our gourmet mushrooms are grown on certified organic straw and sustainably grown.  We use only organic, locally grown ingredients and we’ve built our farm to be entirely self-sufficient, using primarily solar energy.  We strive to be an example of a responsible farm, business, and lifestyle.
On top of all of this, our gourmet mushrooms are of the highest quality around—because this is how food was meant to be grown!  We invite you to check out our website and learn more about our farm, our business, and our gourmet mushrooms.  Thank you, sincerely, for stopping by.
Simply Manna is a family owned and operated mushroom farm located out of Sacramento in Northern California. They are a leader in sustainable farming and specialize in growing gourmet mushrooms using only certified organic substrates and clean solar energy.
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